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Hi I'm Lynda 

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist, and my passion is life is to help you discover what's keeping you stuck, so you can live the life your heart desires!

I have always been curious why, we as humans seem to keep attracting the same issues and situations in life. I always felt there was something holding me back from creating the life I desired and no amount of self help, affirmations and therapeutic work changed my experience in life and the anxiety I experienced. 

My search to create freedom from feeling anxious in the world continued. I could never understand why the anxiety? I travelled the world and left Sydney and was hopeful that the anxiety would be left behind... nope it travelled with me and kept me from shining brightly in the world. I returned to Sydney and raised my beautiful daughter as a single parent with the ongoing inner turmoil. I continued to try and break the anxiety, to no avail. In my mid 40's it was time to immerse myself into a new career and I began studies as a transpersonal art therapist. 

During my studies as an art therapist we were immersed in the unconscious mind and I loved every minute of learning. I started to see how the unconscious mind stored beliefs, feelings and behaviours. 
I was finally starting to understand how my anxiety had stemmed from my adoption as a newborn. I was blessed to be adopted by two wonderful, loving parents, so I had never connected that my anxiety 
was related to my birth, which now I know was a major life trauma. 

Once I graduated I paved a career as a transpersonal art therapist and loved it, but still felt I had not been able to shake the anxiety, so I continued my learning journey. I went on to complete studies in counselling and began working in a private mental health hospital as a support counsellor. Again more understanding and learning, but still ongoing feelings of anxiety and now I was witnessing so many people with ongoing mental health issues and addiction continue to cycle through rehab.

The day I discovered Marisa Peer and her pioneering method of Rapid Transformational Therapy, I knew I had found the way to release and free my mind forever from anxiety and all the other people that I had seen struggling in rehab. Marisa was flying to Australia to train and 
I knew I wanted to be trained by her in her ground-breaking work. 

It was in my first RTT session that I went back to my birth and understood that because my birth mother left me and I felt abandoned, as a newborn I felt "I was not enough". And if I wasn't enough and not loved by my birth mother, how could I ever be enough and love myself. Wow...! This experience was beyond powerful to understand how my newborn self had believed my whole life that I was not enough. The transformation came in the session when the therapist supported me to take that belief and reframe and rewire it, so it was no longer controlling my life as an adult. This is the incredible power of RTT eradicating and erasing the limiting belief, which had eluded me with all the therapies 
I had tried. So a lifetime of experiencing anxiety has been smashed and I am finally free to be me... shining brightly in the world and skilled to help others transform their own lives.

What I have come to know is that it is my life's journey to support others that are struggling, be it anxiety, depression, addictions, confidence, weight issues or just feeling stuck to live a life of freedom. You don't need to feel stuck any longer. 

So spread your wings and set yourself free and book a free discovery call today. I look forward to setting you free! 

Who is Lynda outside of RTT?

I am part of a collective group of art therapists who facilitate art4connection a large community workshop held by local council, which connects community through the experience of art therapy. I also work part time at St Vincent's hospital in the Community Mental Health team, where I assist individuals with their ongoing recovery, whether it is addiction or mental health concerns or mood disorders where I facilitate transformational art therapy groups. Nature is my place that restores my soul whether its the ocean or the forest I'll take either. I consider myself a spiritual person and believe that everyone needs love and connection. 

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