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What is Art Therapy?

Art is a tool to help you relax, release stress and express emotions with images. Art therapy uses a combination of counselling and therapeutic art processes to assist people to work through life's issues. Art therapy is client centred and is non judgmental and non analytical. It helps develop coping skills; enables the identification and expression of feelings and allows for reflection and new awareness. An art therapy counselling session provides a 'way out of the head and into the heart'.

Art therapy counselling can help you through life transitions, relationship issues, anxiety, stress and depression. It can help soothe emotions, break old patterns, find direction and clarify your strengths. Often we get stuck and don't know how we can shift certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Experiencing a session of art therapy counselling you can connect with your authentic self and experience new insights.It is not about making pictures look good, being creative or learning art techniques, it is about the experience to find the underlying message and answers within to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

How Art Therapy counselling helps

* Clarify your thoughts and feelings

* Identify your strengths, goals, beliefs and values

* Find resolutions to issues

* Gain a better understanding of yourself

* Develops skills for improving personal relationships

* Improves self esteem, self awareness and self confidence

* Express your emotions about an issue

* Manage anger, grief, depression and other emotional pressures

* Learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety

My Philosophy

My approach begins by creating a nurturing and safe place for you. I then journey alongside of you; where together we can explore any area of your life. A session commences with talk therapy, where you have the opportunity to share your concerns and the session evolves according to your needs, where I can offer various processes for you to explore further.