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I'm excited to be bringing to you the first online Vision Board workshop for 2021.

Align your Soul to create a vision that excites you, inspires you and aligns you to what your soul is calling you to create.
This is going to be a fun, creative and a very powerful four week 
Vision Boarding workshop series... it will change your life!

You will gain valuable insights into what you want to achieve in 2021

Be taken on visualisation journeys each week that will enhance your vibration to manifest and align with your vision

Learn how mindset matters and strategies to up-level your mindset to manifest easily

✨  Gain new understandings about the power of your subconscious mind and how it assists you in living your best life

Come into alignment with your Inner Cheerleader to inspire you & raise your vibe

Gain insights with writing prompts and connect with your future self

Uncover your own powerful affirmations

Create new awareness and new empowering habits

Understanding around energy and emotions and how they impact manifesting

Release blocks that you have around your heart to embrace more love

Be part of a private online FB community & create together

And have a completed Vision Board at the end of week four

✨ Gain insight into how vision boards can keep you aligned all year

Guided visualisation to listen to all year

I bring all my inspiration and knowledge to you, as a trained Art Therapist and Transformational Hypnotherapist and weave it all into this inspirational series. 

So if you're ready to expand your mind and heart and manifest your vision for 2021, I look forward to supporting you on this amazing four week transformational Vision Board journey.

This workshop is for you if you want to manifest a ....
new relationship ...
new career ... 
new home ... 
new healthy you ...
new vibe ... 
new life!

Workshop starts January 7th @ 7pm AEST and is a 4 week experience.

All sessions will be recorded, so if you aren't able to make it live you can catch up each week in your own time. The private Facebook Group will have all content available for you to view and connect and share with other inspired visionaries!

✨  Wk 1 - Jan 7
✨  Wk 2 - Jan 14
✨  Wk 3 - Jan 21
✨  Wk 4 - Jan 28

Please email if you would like to know any more information. 

Love & LIght

To book and pay $49 for Vision Board workshop series click link below:

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