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My RTT session with Lynda was an eye opener and the results from it are fantastic. Not only do I sleep so much better with her calming voice guiding me into sleep, but I am now so much more focused on my business. As a result I have increased my income because I feel much more confident to "sell" myself. Thank you so much Lynda. I highly recommend RTT with you and tell everyone about it :)


I was feeling stuck and fearful when I went to see Lynda. After our session and in the weeks post, I was feeling the best I had felt in a long time. I was happy, energised and I had stopped procrastinating. Lynda helped me to understand the root cause of my issue that stemmed from childhood trauma and how it was impacting me today. I was given the tools to leave all of that in the past and move forward. Lynda is skilled, caring and non-judgemental practitioner. I am grateful I found her.


When I came to see Lynda with some major feelings of 'stickiness' in many areas of my life. After only one session focusing on eradicating life-long negative beliefs Lynda has assisted me with re-framing these thought patterns into ones of positivity and self love.
I have the confidence and awareness to now make powerful changes in my life that I would never dreamt of before. Thank you Lynda!


I was uncertain what the outcome of the RTT session would be with Lynda, but I was keen to experience what was possible. I wanted to unlock creative flow and confidence. The session surprised me and showed me how my creativity had been shut down as a child. Well within two months after the session I signed up for my first acting class and the joy I experienced was profound and I have signed up to continue classes. I have finally done what I have wanted to do my whole life, step into my creativity!


I have struggled with anxiety my entire life and tried so many different things. A friend suggested I try an RTT session with Lynda. What a powerful experience! I finally got why I was experiencing debilitating anxiety. Lynda helped me eradicate the anxiety and after listening to the personalised recording the following month I am thrilled to say that anxiety is no longer a daily part of my life. I'm free! I have never felt this happy! Thank You Lynda.


One of the key roles in my job is to present on stage. I had to push myself to do this and struggled with anxiety. My confidence started to become a major problem and I started  to dread presenting. The RTT session I had with Lynda amazed me and I finally understood how my childhood beliefs were playing out in my adult life and were the root cause of a lifetime of anxiety. The session was liberating and my anxiety is no longer present and my confidence has soared. I was able to get on stage and feel confident and got amazing feedback. I am grateful to Lynda that I now have the confidence to continue doing the work I love!


After having an RTT session with Lynda I feel so much lighter and free. Thank you so much Lynda for helping me. I feel like I finally understand why I have been holding myself back! You made me feel so relaxed and safe. I have spent my whole life always wondering why I keep having the same experience over and over. Thank you!


Lynda has supported me with a few presenting issues. One in particular was causing me a huge deal of stress. I had a long term addiction, which would dissipate and then resurface. I was completely blown away when we got to the root cause because I had no awareness that something my brother had said to me as a kid (which I had completely forgotten about) had created such a huge impact on my life. There is no way I would of connected the dots myself. I was amazed that after one session I haven't had the need to do it again. 


I had my first session with Lynda in January. Without asking any specific details of my issue Lynda managed to provide a trusting and relaxing space and helped me instantly open up myself to the process without hesitation. I am very thankful for the work that we did together.

I was surprised by how Lynda ws able to help me. Working with Lynda I found the courage to work the dark corners of my addiction. I have come out the other side and felt empowered with a new level of self-awareness. Working with Lynda offered me a chance to safely and honestly explore issues which I had been ignoring for years. Her intuitive style is both refreshing and assuring. After my session I could see progress and hope.


Lynda is a miracle worker. She works with compassion and insight and my session with her was truly transformational. She helped me change habits that I had had for decades, and I find that now I sleep better than I ever have in my whole life.

After the session Lynda gave me a personalised recording and I really appreciated how she supported me with follow up care. Over the last ten years I've tried everything - sleep clinical professionals, GP, medication, but for the first time Lynda has put the power back in my own hands. I'm finally on top of my sleep.

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