Lynda G Transformational Therapies - Give you intutuition a voice

IF YOUR READY to live the life you've always want to,
it's time to invest in your freedom. 

I would love to help you shine your light and free your mind for rapid success!

RTT Transformational 30 day Package:

RTT session will be between 90 min and 120 min either face to face or zoom online. When we begin we chat for about 20 min about the issue you would like to have freedom from and then I put you into a relaxed state of hypnosis, where we will do the work together to understand why the issue and then rewire new empowering beliefs that will transform you. Your RTT session is 60% of the transformation. Listening to your personalised recording for the next 30 days is essential to complete your transformation. PS. you will love listening to your recording as it designed especially for you!

1 x 120 min RTT Session via zoom or in clinic

1 x Personalised Transformational Recording

2 x 30 min Support Coaching Calls

4 x Email/txt checkins Mon - Fri throughout the 30 days

RTT Transformational 30 day Package......
Introductory Offer - Feb - March 30 2020

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