Lynda G Transformational Therapies - Give you intutuition a voice

Our thoughts matter ......... and they become the stories that we can get stuck in. 

If your ready to move beyond your old story of procrastination, people-pleasing, criticism or fears and transform and free yourself, you've come to the right place.

If your ready to shine and live the life you've always wanted to, 
I'm here to show you the way forward. To help you shine the light on what's possible for you.

So let me help you smash your limiting beliefs and leave your old story behind and step into the life you've been wanting. 
Together we can change your life!

RTT Transformational Package:

Make a discovery call for me to answer any questions you may have and get clear on what you want freedom from. Then you complete an online intake form to tick what you want freedom from and then we chat about what's the priority for you and confirm a session time either face to face or zoom online from anywhere in the world.

RTT session will be between 90 minutes and two hours either face to face or zoom online. When we begin we chat for about 20 minutes about the issue you would like to have freedom from and then I put you into relaxed state of hypnosis where we will do the work together to understand where the limiting beliefs have come from and then rewire new empowering beliefs that will transform and free you!

1 DAY AFTER RTT SESSION - personalised recording
You are emailed your personalised 15- 20 minute recording the following day to start listening to. You will need to commit to listening to your recording for the following 21 days to complete your transformation.

1 WEEK AFTER RTT SESSION - email & txt check in
I will email and txt check in with you to ensure you are listening to your recording for the next 21 days.

I will follow up with a 30 minute phone or Skype chat

I will follow up with a 30 minute phone or Skype chat.

RTT Transformational Package......
Introductory Offer for limited time Sept 10 - Oct 31 2019

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