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What is Soul Centred Art Therapy Counselling?

A Soul Centred Art Therapy Counselling session allows you to talk openly about any issues that are causing you upset or confusion and express any of these issues through a process that helps explore them. 

A session can help guide you through challenges, where you can gain clarity and insight and ultimately make shifts. Art Therapy Counselling is a collaborative process in which you explore and resolve personal issues that may be causing you concern in a safe, non-judgmental and positive environment. Art Therapy Counselling assists you to find your strengths and guides you to see a range of perspectives that may have been previously been hidden from you. It is an opportunity to improve your overall physical, mental and emotional well-being. It allows you to begin living the life you want. Counselling can change your life.

Why would I choose Art Therapy Counselling?

Making the decision to come to counselling may be a big step and not everyone is comfortable talking, so this is when expression can help in the process. I encourage you to express in lines, shapes, colours and together we explore the meaning, there is no analysis from me, just guidance for you to seek understanding about what needs to be expressed or spoken to support healing and growth. Soul centred art therapy counselling is supportive, gentle, and it's a way out of your head and into your heart.

How long should counselling be?

It can be short term to deal with specific issues or it can be more long term to deal with difficult patterns for personal development. It is common to schedule regular weekly sessions until you feel you've achieved some personal goals.

Advantages of Art Therapy Counselling?

Soul centred art therapy sessions are similar to verbal counselling with the addition of creative processes for you to express feelings and concerns. It is for anyone of any age group. You do not have to have any experience with art materials to benefit from art therapy. It is about the process and reflection of your personal thoughts and feelings, which are explored through gentle guidance from your art therapist.

Soul Centred Art Therapy Counselling Sessions 1 hr 

A soul centred art therapy counselling session is an opportunity to be heard and understood with the life issues that are currently challenging. If you would like to experience a breakthrough rather than a breakdown enquire either online or call.

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