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Art Therapy Groups  - What is a group session like?

A therapeutic group art session inspires and ignites people's creativity and imagination and is for all age groups. Participants are taken on a journey and able to use their imaginative right side brain to explore their own personal meanings in life. The value from a therapeutic group art session goes far deeper than just the creativity. Client's have the opportunity to explore emotions and experiences in their life. 

Art therapy sessions are an opportunity to share with others in a non judgmental and non analytical environment. A person experiences friendship, bonding, soulful moments, and gains new insights and understanding. Art from the heart is what its all about. To enquire about therapeutic group workshops please enquire via our connect page.

Benefits of Therapeutic Group Art Sessions

*  Art ignites the right creative side of the brain
*  Creates connection and socialisation
*  Therapeutic sessions can open doors for feelings difficult to talk about
*  Creates a place where a person can find more meaning in life
*  Provides the tools to help navigate transitions in life
*  Assists you with personal growth and insight
* "You just feel better inside"

I can't draw or paint, so how could I do art?

You don't have to be 'arty' or 'creative' to benefit from Therapeutic Group Art Sessions. No art experience is necessary. It is all about the journey and the process. There is never a right or wrong way when exploring with artIt's not about the end product its always about the process!

Are Therapeutic Art Sessions for everyone?

Group Art Session are for everyone, all ages. Being creative, by using the right intuitive side of the brain is good for all ages. It can be helpful for any issue a person is travelling or struggling with to find more meaning. It is about exploring and allowing mark making and experiencing new ways of seeing the world and connecting with others.

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