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1:1 40 Day Transformational Program is my signature program that creates lasting change

In this signature program we get to the root cause and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and rewire new empowering beliefs at a subconscious level for freedom & success.

Hypnotherapy is so powerful because it taps into your subconscious mind, which is where all limiting beliefs and habits are stored. This is the reason why you experience lasting change with hypnotherapy as the subconscious mind is 95% in control versus the conscious thinking mind, which only has 5% of the control when we want to create change. 

At the end of the 40 day program you will have rewired new positive and empowering subconscious beliefs, and will be aligned with what you heart desire to shine in the world. 


  • Facilitate 2 hour RTT hypnotherapy session that gets to the root cause of the issue that is holding you back (60% of the transformation)

  • Provide you with a personalised recording to listen to for the following 40 days 

  • Email and text support thought the 40 day program to support positive changes

  • 30 minute zoom coaching call each week x 4 weeks to embed any new conscious thoughts and behaviours to align with the new subconscious beliefs being upgraded throughout the program


  • Be 100% committed to your transformation

  • Listen to your recording daily for 40 days  (40% of the transformation)

  • Complete take away tasks from coaching calls

So if you're ready to create and experience lasting change, click link below to book a free chat to find out more about this transformational program.

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